Flawless Application Delivery – NGINX’s Vision to Enable the Digital Future

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The following is adapted from a talk given by NGINX CEO Gus Robertson at nginx.conf 2015, held in San Francisco in September. Watch a video of the talk here. Table of Contents 0:00 Introduction 1:04 NGINX – Powering the World’s Busiest Websites 2:10 Where We’re Heading 4:36 Extraordinary Things 6:00 Changing the World 8:22 Flawless Application Delivery 0:00 Introduction Welcome to the second annual NGINX User Conference. My name is Gus Robertson. I’m the CEO of NGINX and I’ve been in open source now for well over a decade. I’ve been with NGINX for around three years, and I’ve seen some amazing milestones in those three years that I wanted to share with you this morning. 1:04 NGINX – Powering the World’s Busiest Websites Back in 2013, we became the number one web server for the 1,000 busiest websites in [ more… ]

Introducing the OAuth Technology Preview in NGINX Plus R8

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Getting identity management right in modern application and API development is an increasingly important and demanding challenge. A number of developments in the industry are putting pressure on existing identity solutions. Integrated web experiences enable users to navigate seamlessly between different applications without requiring multiple login events. User experience is improved by giving users a choice about which identity they use with a given application, instead of requiring yet another password in yet another isolated, proprietary database. Microservices architectures (and decomposed monoliths) can require developers to reimplement the same authentication and authorization logic over and over. Applications deployed at scale (in a cluster) need to offload as many non-core operations as possible, for example encryption and authentication. Supporting the numerous existing identity standards involves undifferentiated heavy lifting that impinges on time spent on the application itself. At NGINX we are [ more… ]

The HTTP/2 Module in NGINX

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The following is adapted from a talk given by Valentin V. Bartenev at nginx.conf 2015, held in San Francisco in September. You can view the video presentation here. For more about HTTP/2, see our blog post, 7 Tips to Improve HTTP/2 Performance. Table of Contents What is HTTP/2 and when should we use it? This post gives a brief overview of key characeristics and benefits of this new protocol. It also explains when and how to use the HTTP/2 module in NGINX for the best performance benefit. 0:20 Overview of the Protocol 1:40 Key Features of HTTP/2 3:08 HTTP/2 Inside: Binary 4:26 HTTP/2 Inside: Multiplexing 7:09 Key Features of HTTP/2 – Header Compression 8:40 Key Features of HTTP/2 – Prioritization 10:06 History 10:16 Test Page 10:52 Test Environment 11:02 DOM Load 11:48 First Painting 12:45 Configuration 14:20 Questions and Answers [ more… ]

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An update on default_password_lifetime

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With MySQL 5.7, our goal is to be secure by default. This means that without having to change configuration settings or perform any additional steps, your fresh installation should be safe for production use. As part of this security initiative, MySQL 5.7 shipped with a new feature where user accounts will be disabled if the password has not been changed in a number of days.… Source: mysqlserverteam.com