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NGINX Unit Adds Assembly Language Support

2020-04-01 KENNETH 0

NGINX Unit Adds Assembly Language Support The NGINX Unit team is pleased to add support for a new programming language to our already versatile bag of tricks. Despite its complexity, the assembly language is popular in all kinds of system software; we believe that web development can also benefit from the advantages it provides. Assembly has been used since the very beginning of the computing era and still retains a very active community of supporters. In the last few months, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests to add support for it, and finally its time has come. The result: web development in assembly has never been so easy. Background The benefits of using the assembly language for your web apps are immense: You can easily beat the performance of any other language by taking advantage of code specific to your [ more… ]

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Beyond NGINX: How Code Connects Us All

2020-03-31 KENNETH 0

Beyond NGINX: How Code Connects Us All Chances are you relax by streaming your favorite television show, use a fitness tracker to see how that diet is going, order and pay for pizza on a mobile app or website, tap to pay for your cappuccino, and tell your smart speaker when to wake you up in the morning. Technology is an inherent part of our daily lives. It probably doesn’t matter to you if the software powering this technology was programmed with JavaScript or C++. But nonetheless, the code behind it is part of your life. If you think about it, code is at the heart of our products, services, and of course, our open source community. And code, in the broader sense, doesn’t just influence our work lives: it influences who we are, what we do, and how we [ more… ]

Building and Securely Delivering APIs with the NGINX Application Platform

2020-03-19 KENNETH 0

Building and Securely Delivering APIs with the NGINX Application Platform The unprecedented growth of the API management market is fueled by demand for modern APIs connecting applications and devices to accelerate digital transformation, as well as for real‑time insights and analytics on API performance and usage. According to MarketsANDMarkets, the API management market is expected to grow to $5.1 billion by 2023. Yet API management is only half of what you need to do to monetize your APIs. Building fast APIs is just as important (if not more) as delivering them securely to your customers. In this blog, we demonstrate how the NGINX Application Platform – the combination of NGINX Controller, NGINX Plus, and NGINX Unit – accelerates application delivery from code to customer, providing a comprehensive and unified solution for API monetization that spans end-to-end from the creation of API functions through their delivery to end [ more… ]

Free Resources for Websites Impacted by COVID-19

2020-03-18 KENNETH 0

Free Resources for Websites Impacted by COVID-19 For more than 15 years, NGINX technology has helped websites to scale and cope with surges in traffic. At F5 and NGINX, we want to help you if you’re operating a website or mobile application and expect to see an impact from COVID‑19. To help, we are: Opening up our core training and making our content available at no cost to educate you on how NGINX Open Source helps. Encouraging our employees to spend work time responding to requests for help with affected websites wishing to use NGINX, on Stack Overflow1 and the @nginx channel on Twitter using #nginxhelp. Providing additional help by offering one free year of NGINX Plus for those in the education, public government, and non‑profit sectors. You Are Not Alone As the Coronavirus continues to sweep the globe, we’re seeing companies [ more… ]

[NGINX] block download from bad-referer (Deny all but specific domains)

2020-03-16 KENNETH 0

개요 nginx 운영중 이미지 외부링크와 관련되어 문제 발생시 이를 해결하는 방법이 좀 나오는데, 그 중, 간단하면서도 나름 상위에 나오는 설정인 이 설정을 해놓고 나서, 본인의 사이트에는 이미지 출력이 잘 되고 있으며 (문제가 없으며) 도메인이 다른 다른 사이트에 <img src> 태그를 이용해서 불러들일 시 “fobidden” 출력 결과가 나오기 때문에 “음… 잘 되었구나… “를 판단할 수 있으나 정작 운영시에는 외부에서 퍼가고 있음을 알 수 있다. 물론, 내가 운영하는 에는 이런 문제가 없다. 외부에서 퍼갈일이 없거든… 각설하고…ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ   상황가정 사용중인 자신의 도메인 (또는 거부하지 않고 허용해줘야 하는 도메인)     거부해야 하는 도메인 (자꾸만 이미지를 퍼가는 도메인)     설정 nginx.conf server{} 섹션 내부에 사용 하시라는 의미를 전달합니다…   block_referer_check.conf referer 를 확인해서 “$bad_referer” 로 지정 1. 원하는 도메인만 차단 하는 경우   2. 특정 도메인을 제외하고는 모두 차단 하는 경우   block_referer_deny.conf “$bad_referer”에 대한 액션 [ more… ]