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What’s New with the NGINX Controller Application Delivery Module for 2022

2022-01-13 KENNETH 0

What’s New with the NGINX Controller Application Delivery Module for 2022 ““The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius Said another way, a series of small, incremental changes, delivered often, can have a very large impact. This thinking is the basis for modern apps that are commonly developed using CI/CD pipelines. While daily integration of new code into the mainline might not be a silver bullet, the accumulation of many small submissions can result in the next killer application. Like those who aspire to move a mountain, over the past few months NGINX released new versions of the NGINX Controller Application Delivery Module (ADM) that combine dramatically to improve the product – already a powerful governance, observability, and simplified operations platform for NGINX Plus deployments and the applications they support. Specifically, Releases 3.20, 3.21, and [ more… ]

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Performance Testing NGINX Ingress Controller and Red Hat OpenShift Router

2022-01-11 KENNETH 0

Performance Testing NGINX Ingress Controller and Red Hat OpenShift Router Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) is one of the most popular managed Kubernetes platforms, and like its competitors, OCP includes default traffic management tooling to help users get started quickly. The OCP Router – based on HAProxy – is the default entry point for OCP clusters. It can load balance HTTP and WebSocket traffic, supports TLS termination and TLS between the Router and application instances, and can load balance TLS connections in a passthrough mode. Customers often ask us, “Why should I use NGINX Ingress Controller in OpenShift when the Router is available for free?” In Why You Need an Enterprise‑Grade Ingress Controller on OpenShift, guest blogger Max Mortillaro of GigaOm shares some qualitative reasons you might want to use NGINX Ingress Controller: advanced traffic management, ease of use, JWT validation, and [ more… ]

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Kubernetes Networking 101

2022-01-05 KENNETH 0

Kubernetes Networking 101 NodePort, LoadBalancer, Ingress controller…oh my! When we talk with customers and the community about making Kubernetes production‑grade, one of the most common questions is: do I need an Ingress controller? The answer to this question is rarely a simple yes or no, but instead involves some education on the different ways you can get traffic to your pods. In this blog, we cover the basics of Kubernetes networking so you can make an informed decision about if – and when – you need an Ingress controller. Kubernetes supports several possible approaches and layers to routing external traffic to a pod – but they aren’t all created equal. The default model is kube-proxy, which is not actually a proxy and isn’t designed to load balance traffic, control APIs, or monitor service behaviors. Fortunately, there are other way to manage external traffic, [ more… ]

NGINX Ingress Controller Version 2.0: What You Need to Know

2021-12-28 KENNETH 0

NGINX Ingress Controller Version 2.0: What You Need to Know In October, we launched F5 NGINX Ingress Controller version 2.0 (nginxinc/kubernetes-ingress), adding support for Kubernetes 1.22 and version 1 of the Ingress API ( You might be wondering – so what? That “so what” is nuanced and we’ll answer it by answering three interrelated questions: Why are Kubernetes releases a big deal? What is the Ingress API and why does the upgrade to matter? How does NGINX Ingress Controller 2.0 impact current customers? Read on for the answers and tune in for Your Battle Plan for When Kubernetes Versions Attack on January 11, 2022. Why Are Kubernetes Releases a Big Deal? The answer to this question is simple yet complicated. Compatibility management for Kubernetes is challenging because Kubernetes operators have to manage three categories of versioning: The Kubernetes platform itself – At each new release, [ more… ]

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The Greatest Hits of 2021 on the NGINX Blog

2021-12-23 KENNETH 0

The Greatest Hits of 2021 on the NGINX Blog As the turmoil caused by the COVID‑19 pandemic continued throughout 2021, we at NGINX tried to rise to the challenge and keep driving forward to make positive changes for our community, partners, and customers. Approaching the end of the year, we take this opportunity to look back at a selection of the biggest and most popular blog articles we published, as voted by you, our community. Read on to see what major events we covered, and to catch up on interesting news and topics you may have missed! How to Choose a Service Mesh As your Kubernetes deployment matures, it can be a challenge to know when a service mesh will yield benefits and not just additional complexity. And once you know you need a service mesh, choosing the right one isn’t [ more… ]