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Catching Up with the NGINX Application Platform: What’s New in 2019

2019-07-03 KENNETH 0

Catching Up with the NGINX Application Platform: What’s New in 2019 table.nginx-blog, table.nginx-blog th, table.nginx-blog td { border: 2px solid black; border-collapse: collapse; } table.nginx-blog { width: 100%; } table.nginx-blog th { background-color: #d3d3d3; align: left; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-bottom: 2px; padding-top: 2px; line-height: 120%; } table.nginx-blog td { padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-bottom: 2px; padding-top: 5px; line-height: 120%; } table.nginx-blog { text-align: center; padding-bottom: 2px; padding-top: 5px; line-height: 120%; } More than ever before, enterprises are recognizing that digital transformation is critical to their survival. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that executives currently see legacy operations and infrastructure as the #1 risk factor jeopardizing their ability to compete with companies that are “born digital”. Cloud, DevOps, and microservices are key technologies that accelerate digital transformation initiatives. And they’re paying off at companies that leverage them – [ more… ]

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Ask NGINX | June 2019

2019-06-28 KENNETH 0

Ask NGINX | June 2019 Do you have an NGINX Plus offline installer for RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux 7.4+? Yes. It takes advantage of the yumdownloader utility. Here’s the procedure: Follow the installation instructions in the NGINX Plus Admin Guide, through Step 5. (In other words, don’t run the yum install command for NGINX Plus itself.) Install yumdownloader, if you haven’t already: # yum install yumdownloader Download the latest version of the NGINX Plus package: # yumdownloader nginx-plus Copy the NGINX Plus rpm package to each target machine and run this command there to install it: # rpm -ihv rpm-package-name For further help, or if other operating systes, get in touch with the NGINX support team. Can I install NGINX Plus on Ubuntu? Yes, and it’s just one of the many operating systems supported by NGINX Plus. As of this writing, NGINX Plus supports the following versions of Ubuntu: 14.04 LTS (Trusty) [ more… ]

OpenTracing for NGINX and NGINX Plus

2019-06-18 KENNETH 0

OpenTracing for NGINX and NGINX Plus For all its benefits, a microservices architecture also introduces new complexities. One is the challenge of tracking requests as they are processed, with data flowing among all the microservices that make up the application. A new methodology called distributed (request) tracing has been invented for this purpose, and OpenTracing is a specification and standard set of APIs intended to guide design and implementation of distributed tracing tools. In NGINX Plus Release 18 (R18), we added the NGINX OpenTracing module to our dynamic modules repository (it has been available as a third‑party module on GitHub for a couple of years now). A big advantage of the NGINX OpenTracing module is that by instrumenting NGINX and NGINX Plus for distributed tracing you get tracing data for every proxied application, without having to instrument the applications individually. In [ more… ]

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7 Reasons to Attend NGINX Conf 2019

2019-06-14 KENNETH 0

7 Reasons to Attend NGINX Conf 2019 .big { font-size: 150%; text-indent: -3em; margin-left: 3em; } li { list-style-type: none !important; } .indented { margin-left: 1.5em; } The early bird discount for NGINX Conf 2019 expires at 11:59 PM PDT on Friday, June 14. Register now and save $200! About six weeks ago we announced that NGINX Conf 2019 will be taking place in Seattle, WA, from September 10 for two full days of keynotes, breakout sessions, case studies, community networking, and so much more. We hope to see you there, but if you need to convince yourself (or your manager!) of the benefits of attending, then read on. NGINX Conf is the highlight of our calendar, when we get a chance to meet with businesses that are at every point on the journey to digital transformation – from taking the first steps [ more… ]

A Regular Expression Tester for NGINX and NGINX Plus

2019-06-12 KENNETH 0

A Regular Expression Tester for NGINX and NGINX Plus While working on a regular expression (regex) to use with NGINX, I got an idea for a way to easily test a regex from within an actual NGINX configuration. (The regex tester works just the same for NGINX Plus, but for ease of reading I’ll refer to NGINX.) Support for regular expressions is one of the powerful features of NGINX, but regexes can be complex and difficult to get right, especially if you don’t work with them regularly. NGINX allows regexes in multiple parts of a configuration, for example locations, maps, rewrites, and server names. The tester described here is for regexes in locations and maps. There are other free online regex testers that are good for most regexes, but NGINX uses some non‑standard shortcuts optimized for web applications. For example, you [ more… ]