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USE Method: Linux Performance Checklist

2016-04-05 KENNETH 0

출처 :   USE Method: Linux Performance Checklist The USE Method provides a strategy for performing a complete check of system health, identifying common bottlenecks and errors. For each system resource, metrics for utilization, saturation and errors are identified and checked. Any issues discovered are then investigated using further strategies. This is an example USE-based metric list for Linux operating systems (eg, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora). This is primarily intended for system administrators of the physical systems, who are using command line tools. Some of these metrics can be found in remote monitoring tools. Physical Resources component type metric CPU utilization system-wide: vmstat 1, ”us” + ”sy” + ”st”; sar -u, sum fields except ”%idle” and ”%iowait”; dstat -c, sum fields except ”idl” and ”wai”; per-cpu: mpstat -P ALL 1, sum fields except ”%idle” and ”%iowait”; sar -P ALL, same as [ more… ]