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[AWS] Classic Load Balancer VS Application Load Balancer

2017-06-05 KENNETH 0

[AWS] Classic Load Balancer VS Application Load Balancer URL :   ELB 설정을 하게 되면 다음 두가지를 선택하도록 되어 있다. 어떤 것을 선택해야 할지 의문을 갖게 되는… ㅋ 아래 내용을 참고 하시면 되겠다… 웹(HTTP,HTTPS) 의 경우는 새로 나온 application load balancer 를 사용 하는게 더 쉽게 느껴지는 듯.   Features of Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing supports two types of load balancers: Application Load Balancers and Classic Load Balancers. Choose the load balancer type that meets your needs. Feature Classic Load Balancer Application Load Balancer Protocols HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, SSL HTTP, HTTPS Platforms EC2-Classic, EC2-VPC EC2-VPC Sticky sessions (cookies) ✔ load balancer generated Idle connection timeout ✔ ✔ Connection draining ✔ ✔ Cross-zone load balancing † ✔ Always enabled Health checks † † ✔ Improved CloudWatch metrics ✔ Improved Access logs ✔ Improved Host-based routing ✔ Path-based routing ✔ [ more… ]