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An update on default_password_lifetime

2016-01-19 KENNETH 0

With MySQL 5.7, our goal is to be secure by default. This means that without having to change configuration settings or perform any additional steps, your fresh installation should be safe for production use. As part of this security initiative, MySQL 5.7 shipped with a new feature where user accounts will be disabled if the password has not been changed in a number of days.… Source:

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Planning the defaults for MySQL 5.8

2016-01-14 KENNETH 0

In the MySQL team we pay close attention to the default configuration of MySQL, and aim for users to have the best out of the box experience possible. Following on from a series of blog posts for MySQL 5.7, we are now planning the defaults for MySQL 5.8.… Source:

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Add RSS feeds to your Twitter stream using MySQL and Perl

2016-01-12 KENNETH 0

Adding good content to Twitter can be a pain. I can’t do it during working hours, and I don’t have much time at night. But, the more content you have, the more followers you can gain, and the more your original tweets can be seen (hopefully).… Source: