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Current Timeline

Sources pushed to CentOS Git2019-05-072019-05-08DONE
Source code evaluation2019-05-07YYYY-MM-DDOngoing
New Build System Setup2019-05-072019-05-08DONE
Debranding patches added2019-05-07YYYY-MM-DDOngoing
Artwork Requested2019-03-072019-05-07DONE
Artwork Selections2019-05-09YYYY-MM-DDOngoing
Build Loop 02019-05-072019 mid JuneDONE
Build Loop 12019 mid JuneYYYY-MM-DDOngoing
Build Loop NYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DDNot started
Installer work2019-06-16YYYY-MM-DDOngoing
QA workYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DDNot started
RC workYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DDNot started
Release workYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DDNot started


  • DONE – Step is completed
  • Ongoing – Work is progressing
  • Not started – This step may requires work from another step to reach some completion or requires time from person who is working on other parts.
  • Build loop 0 – Getting an initial set of packages together which can then build more packages
  • Build loop 1 – Using the smallest set of packages to build a larger set which can then build more packages
  • Build loop N – I really don’t know how many loops this is going to be.. so we will use N nomenclature.
  • Installer work – there are usually some work needed to make the installer actually work with various things like secure boot or different fonts or ‘oh they fixed that in an upgrade.img.. let us just short cut and put that here.’
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