Learn to Configure NGINX Unit with Zero Pain in Our Video Course

Learn to Configure NGINX Unit with Zero Pain in Our Video Course

NGINX Unit is a universal web application server that can be used as a building block for any web architecture, regardless of its complexity – from personal websites to startups to enterprise‑grade production deployments. NGINX Unit compresses multiple layers of the typical web application stack by solving for multiple use cases, including simplifying modern microservices environments and modernizing legacy and monolithic applications.

With NGINX Unit, you can:

  • Serve static assets as a web server
  • Natively run application code in multiple languages
  • Proxy requests to backend servers
  • Achieve true end-to-end TLS for your web apps
  • Reconfigure runtime behavior on the fly with the control API

Given its many capabilities, where do you start learning about NGINX Unit? Well, we’ve developed a comprehensive video course with over a dozen lessons that cover all the details! But don’t be intimidated by the number of lessons – each is under 10 minutes and breaks its topic into simple steps, with live demos that make learning easy and accessible.

By the end of this video course, you’ll know how to install NGINX Unit, use the control API, run a “Hello, World!” application, configure NGINX Unit as a web server, and much more.

NGINX Unit Videos Available Now

Start by watching the course overview:

It gives you the background you need to journey on to the videos that explore NGINX Unit in depth.

What Is NGINX Unit? – In this introductory video, learn the basics of NGINX Unit, about the complex application‑stack problems it can solve, and how even as a single component NGINX Unit can manage a large ecosystem.

How to Install NGINX Unit on Linux Debian and Ubuntu – Explore the NGINX Unit repository through with a live demo and discover how to install the software on two types of Linux open source software, Debian and Ubuntu.

Explore the Config API and Unit Components – Building on the Ubuntu installation, learn ways to verify that NGINX Unit is running properly, and find out the most important things about the control API.

NGINX Unit as a Web Server – Dive into NGINX Unit as a web server (creating a simple HTML index file and JSON configuration) and learn about popular web‑server use cases like deploying a single‑page app (SPA).

Writing Your First “Hello World” in NGINX Unit – Using the NGINX Unit control API, learn how to define a simple “Hello, World!” program. By the end of the demo, you’ll have written your own!

Introduction to Language Modules in NGINX Unit – Learn about the available language modules, and how to install them in this introduction to NGINX Unit as an app server.

Upcoming NGINX Unit Videos

In upcoming videos, you’ll learn about using Unit to serve apps written in these languages:

  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript (NodeJS)
  • PHP
  • Python

To get notified when upcoming videos are available, subscribe to NGINX on YouTube.

You can find all videos listed above in the NGINX Unit playlist on YouTube (and keep an eye out for future videos too). We also provide complete written documentation – get started with the installation instructions.

We’re excited to see how you use NGINX Unit in your environment! Let us know in the comments section below.

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