PHP 지원기간 안내 (PHP Supported Versions) – 201809현재

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URL :   Supported Versions Each release branch of PHP is fully supported for two years from its initial stable release. During this period, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and are released in regular point releases. After this two year period of active support, each branch is then supported for an additional year for critical security issues only. Releases during this period are made on an as-needed basis: there may be multiple point releases, or none, depending on the number of reports. Once the three years of support are completed, the branch reaches its end of life and is no longer supported. A table of end of life branches is available. Currently Supported Versions Branch Initial Release Active Support Until Security Support Until 5.6 * 28 Aug 2014 4 years ago 19 Jan 2017 1 year, 7 [ more… ]

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Intel CPUs and Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Versions

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URL :   Intel CPUs and Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Versions The follow table lists the minimum versions and update releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that are required to support Intel processors. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Vendor Family Name Version Knowledgebase Resource(s) Version Knowledgebase Resource(s) Version Knowledgebase Resource(s) Version Knowledgebase Resource(s) Intel Xeon® Processor X5500, W5500, L5500, E5500 series 4.7 15223 5.3 15223 6.0 7.0 Intel Xeon® Processor X7500, X6500, L7500, E7500, E6500 series Not supported 5.4.z (1) 25195, 42231 6.0 7.0 Intel Xeon® Processor X5600, W3600, L5600, E5600 series 4.8 24382 5.3 24382 6.0 7.0 Intel Xeon® Processor E-2800, E-4800 and E-8800 series Not supported 5.5 58721 6.0 7.0 Intel Core™ i3-2100,    i3-2300 Family Processors Not supported 5.6 6.0 [ more… ]

mariadb supported engines

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출처 : 출처2 :   MariaDB supported engines   The Archive storage engine is, unsurprisingly, best used for archiving. Aria, MariaDB’s more modern improvement on MyISAM, has a small footprint and allows for easy copy between systems. The BLACKHOLE storage engine accepts data but does not store it and always returns an empty result, useful, for example, if you want to run complex filtering rules on a slave without incurring any overhead on a master. Cassandra is a NoSQL engine. CONNECT allows access to different kinds of text files and remote resources as if they were regular MariaDB tables. The CSV storage engine can read and append to files stored in CSV (comma-separated-values) format. However, since MariaDB 10.0, CONNECT is a better storage engine is able to read and write such files. FederatedX uses libmysql to talk to the data [ more… ]

MySQL 5.7 Supported Storage Engines

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출처 :   MySQL 5.7 Supported Storage Engines InnoDB: The default storage engine in MySQL 5.7. InnoDB is a transaction-safe (ACID compliant) storage engine for MySQL that has commit, rollback, and crash-recovery capabilities to protect user data. InnoDB row-level locking (without escalation to coarser granularity locks) and Oracle-style consistent nonlocking reads increase multi-user concurrency and performance. InnoDB stores user data in clustered indexes to reduce I/O for common queries based on primary keys. To maintain data integrity, InnoDB also supports FOREIGN KEY referential-integrity constraints. For more information about InnoDB, see Chapter 14, The InnoDB Storage Engine. MyISAM: These tables have a small footprint. Table-level locking limits the performance in read/write workloads, so it is often used in read-only or read-mostly workloads in Web and data warehousing configurations. Memory: Stores all data in RAM, for fast access in environments that require [ more… ]

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rhel limits

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology capabilities and limits   What can Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® do? Find out in this quick-glance chart of the supported and theoretical 1 limits of the platform. Specification Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6 Version 7 Maximum logical CPUs 2 x86 16 32 32 32 N/A6 Itanium 2 8 256 [512] 256 [1024] N/A6 N/A6 x86_64 8 64 [64] 160 [255] 240 [4096] 240 [5120] POWER 8 64 [128] 128 128 192 [2048] System z 64 (z900) 64 (z10 EC) 101 (zEC12) 101 (zEC12) 101 (zEC12) Maximum memory5 x86 64GB3 64GB3 16GB4 16GB4 N/A6 Itanium 2 128GB 2TB 2TB N/A6 N/A6 x86_64 128GB 256GB [1TB] 1TB 6TB [64TB]15 6TB [64TB]16 POWER 64GB 128GB [1TB] 512GB [1TB] 2TB 2TB System z 256GB (z900) 1.5TB (z10 EC) 3TB (z196) 3TB (z196) 3TB (z196) Maximum number [ more… ]