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MariaDB supported engines


  • The Archive storage engine is, unsurprisingly, best used for archiving.
  • Aria, MariaDB’s more modern improvement on MyISAM, has a small footprint and allows for easy copy between systems.
  • The BLACKHOLE storage engine accepts data but does not store it and always returns an empty result, useful, for example, if you want to run complex filtering rules on a slave without incurring any overhead on a master.
  • Cassandra is a NoSQL engine.
  • CONNECT allows access to different kinds of text files and remote resources as if they were regular MariaDB tables.
  • The CSV storage engine can read and append to files stored in CSV (comma-separated-values) format. However, since MariaDB 10.0, CONNECT is a better storage engine is able to read and write such files.
  • FederatedX uses libmysql to talk to the data source, the data source being a remote RDBMS. Currently, since FederatedX only uses libmysql, it can only talk to another MySQL RDBMS.
  • InnoDB is a good general transaction storage engine. XtraDB is a performance enhanced fork of InnoDB.
  • The MERGE storage engine is a collection of identical MyISAM tables that can be used as one. “Identical” means that all tables have identical column and index information.
  • MEMORY does not write data on-disk (all rows are lost on crash) and is best-used for read-only caches of data from other tables, or for temporary work areas.
  • Mroonga provides fast CJK-ready full text searching using column store.
  • MyISAM has a small footprint and allows for easy copy between systems. MyISAM is MySQL’s oldest storage engine; Aria is MariaDB’s more modern improvement.
  • OQGRAPH allows you to handle hierarchies (tree structures) and complex graphs (nodes having many connections in several directions).
  • ScaleDB is a commercial storage engine suited for large-scale online transaction processing and data warehousing.
  • SphinxSE is used as a proxy to run statements on a remote Sphinx database server (mainly useful for advanced fulltext searches).
  • Spider uses partitioning to provide data sharding through multiple servers.
  • TokuDB is a transactional storage engine which is optimized for workloads that do not fit memory, and provides a good compression ratio.
  • XtraDB, a performance enhanced fork of InnoDB, is a good general transaction storage engine and usually the best choice if unsure. It is MariaDB’s default engine.


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