USN-4600-2: Netty vulnerabilities

USN-4600-2: Netty vulnerabilities

USN-4600-1 fixed multiple vunerabilities in Netty 3.9. This update provides
the corresponding fixes for CVE-2019-20444, CVE-2019-20445 for Netty.

Also it was discovered that Netty allow for unbounded memory allocation. A
remote attacker could send a large stream to the Netty server causing it to
crash (denial of service). (CVE-2020-11612)

Original advisory details:

It was discovered that Netty had HTTP request smuggling vulnerabilities. A
remote attacker could used it to extract sensitive information. (CVE-2019-16869,
CVE-2019-20444, CVE-2019-20445, CVE-2020-7238)
Source: USN-4600-2: Netty vulnerabilities

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